Monday, June 1, 2009

New Tattoo

Here it is....I've thought about it for awhile.  This is my life charge. It is drawn from the scriptures written by John,  II and III John in particular. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Brawny

I was in the store a few nights ago, and I was confronted with an impostor.  I go to get paper towels expecting to see my moustached lumberjack friend, Brawny. Much to my surprise I come to find this guy...

Who is this guy?  Grant it he is better looking, but he is not the Brawny I know.  He looks more like a Rick or Bruce.  Let's remember a better time....

Hello old are an icon of my childhood idea of cleaning along with this guy
Thank you for instilling the cleaning ideas that have helped me over the past 25 years.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Favorite Movies From A-Z

My friend Michelle did this and I want to be like her...

A-Amelie, Across the Universe, Aladin
B-Braveheart, Bourne Series, Big, Batman (the new ones), Beauty and the Beast
C-Centerstage, Chronicles of Narnia
D-Dave, Dazed and Confused, Dead Poets Society
E-Emma, Elizabeth, Elizabeth the Golden Age
F-Forrest Gump, Father of the Bride (I&II), Finding Nemo
G-The Godfather (Parts I and II, Sophia Copola ruined III), Gladiator, Ghostbusters
H-Harry Potter (all of them), Hello Dolly
I-Indiana Jones
J-James Bond
K-Karate Kid
L- Love Actually, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, League of Their Own, Lion King
M-Matrix Trilogy, Mary Poppins
O-Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen, Oklahoma
P-Pirates of the Carribean Series, Pride and Prejudice (BBC version), Philadelphia
Q- Quatumn of Solace (I know I said James Bond already, but I needed a Q).
R-Rocky Series (IV is my fav), Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
S- Star Wars Trilogy, Steel Magnolias, Shawshank Redemption, Schindler's List
T- Ten Commandments, Top Gun
U-Under the Tuscan Sun
V-The Village
W-The Wizard of Oz, When Harry Met Sally
X-X-Men Trilogy
Y-You've Got Mail

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coffee Through a Straw?

So I was at Cuppies and Joe last week to get a little work done for school. As I sat down in getting ready to eat my yummy cupcake and drink my scrumptious Chai (it rivals the Bean and Berry's), I notice a teenage couple on the couch close by.  Now, if anyone has been to  C&J one would no that it is a great people watching place. After settling into my spot and plugging in the Mac I can not help but keep watching these two little love birds on the couch.  They had to be no older than 19, and were dressed very artsy-fartsyish.  The girl was giggling and the boy was petting.  Then the girl takes a drink of her coffee.....through a straw!  It was quite bizarre.  Not a regular straw that one might find at a fast-food restaurant, but a coffee stirrer straw.  This got under my skin for no good reason I can explain.  She then proceeded to use the straw as a flirting tool.  She would chew on it and giggle.  I found the whole scenario interesting and kinda annoying, but I redirected my attention to my studies and listened to my Sigur Ros.  Once the artsy couple left, my friend Jacquie who works there, came out from the counter to talk.  I was voicing my coffee-straw-observations, when another customer chimed in that she notice it as well, and it bugged her....interesting.  

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The new OKC Thunder mascot "Rumble,"  looks like Teen Wolf....I rest my case.

Monday, December 8, 2008

#2- National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1989)

Since it is Christmas time, I thought I would add to the list 1980's Christmas movies. This movie shows our favorite family, The Griswold's, and their preparations for Christmas.  Whether it be covering the entire house with lights, bringing home a real Christmas tree with wildlife and all, or having family members pump sewage waste in your front yard... nothing says Merry Christmas then watching Clark Griswold and his shenanigans. I think my favorite character would have to be the deaf grandma.  Nothing is better then her family prayer of the pledge of allegiance.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Delayed Post

I've come the conclusion that I do really well reading blogs, but not great at writing my own. So I promise that I will make more of an effort.  I think I will begin with a series of my thoughts on great 80's movies of my past.  So here it goes...

#1-  Xanadu
-1980 musical/romance

I know I have begun with one that a lot of people have not seen, but this was me and my sisters favorite movie when we were little.  It has Olivia Newton John and Gene Kelley on roller skates= cinema magic. Basically your typical 80's artist meets a real life muse and wallah an awesome roller skating night club appears.  Click Xanadu for a little taste.  
More thoughts on 80's movies to come.