Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coffee Through a Straw?

So I was at Cuppies and Joe last week to get a little work done for school. As I sat down in getting ready to eat my yummy cupcake and drink my scrumptious Chai (it rivals the Bean and Berry's), I notice a teenage couple on the couch close by.  Now, if anyone has been to  C&J one would no that it is a great people watching place. After settling into my spot and plugging in the Mac I can not help but keep watching these two little love birds on the couch.  They had to be no older than 19, and were dressed very artsy-fartsyish.  The girl was giggling and the boy was petting.  Then the girl takes a drink of her coffee.....through a straw!  It was quite bizarre.  Not a regular straw that one might find at a fast-food restaurant, but a coffee stirrer straw.  This got under my skin for no good reason I can explain.  She then proceeded to use the straw as a flirting tool.  She would chew on it and giggle.  I found the whole scenario interesting and kinda annoying, but I redirected my attention to my studies and listened to my Sigur Ros.  Once the artsy couple left, my friend Jacquie who works there, came out from the counter to talk.  I was voicing my coffee-straw-observations, when another customer chimed in that she notice it as well, and it bugged her....interesting.  


Shan said...

haha! Oh you make me laugh. This is strange. Sounds like the good ol' days in the GC.

Abby said...

I HATE it when people drink coffee through a straw!!! It gets under my skin probably more than anything else! Straws are for sodas, NOT coffee! Haha...nice and humerous observations, Blaire ; )